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20CrMoH CVT Pulley Shaft

20CrMoH CVT Pulley Shaft

  • 20CrMoH CVT Pulley Shaft
  • 20CrMoH CVT Pulley Shaft
20CrMoH CVT Pulley Shaft
Product Details:
Place of Origin: TAIZHOU-CHINA
Brand Name: WINNER
Certification: IATF16949
Model Number: CVT 250
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: CNY+100-400+YUAN
Packaging Details: According to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 5-8 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1200+SET+DAY
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Detailed Product Description
Modulus: 2 Tooth Width: 32
Gear Surface Hardness: 59HRC Number Of Teeth: 25
Tooth Depth: 6 Weight: 4.8
Material: 20CrMoH/20CrMo5 Boundary Dimension: (φ150-φ180)x(60-270)
High Light:

32 tooth CVT Pulley Shaft


20CrMoH CVT Pulley Shaft


59HRC shaft and pulley

The tooth height of CVT PULLEY SHAFT is 6 and the tooth width is 32,.

Automobile gear:

20CrMnTiH, 20MnVBH and 20MnTiBH steel gear billets can be treated in a continuous isothermal normalizing furnace to ensure the uniform distribution of flake pearlite + ferrite. In this way, the heat treatment distortion of the gear is greatly reduced, the precision of the gear is improved, and the service life is prolonged.


The isothermal normalizing hardness of gear forging billet is 156 ~ 207HB.


Chromium manganese molybdenum steel and chromium molybdenum steel

22CrMnMo, 20CrMnMoH and 20CrMoH steels are used in mid-size automotive gears due to their high hardenability. This kind of steel can be carburized directly after quenching process. Because chromium manganese molybdenum steel and chromium molybdenum steel contain chromium and molybdenum carbide forming elements, in the carburizing process will promote the increase of carbon content on the tooth surface, easy to appear a large number of carbide in the carburizing layer organization, so that the carburizing layer performance deterioration. Therefore, when the gear is carburized with chromium manganese molybdenum steel and chromium molybdenum steel, it is advisable to adopt weak carburizing atmosphere to prevent the formation of excessive carbide. The forging billets of 22CrMnMo and 20CrMnMoH gear are normalized at 650 ~ 670℃ and tempered at high temperature.


The microstructure is fine flake pearlite + a small amount of ferrite, and the hardness is 171 ~ 229HB. 20CrMnH gear forging billet is best treated in continuous isothermal furnace, heated at 935 ~ 945℃, precooled at 640 ~ 650℃ and then isothermal. Uniform ferrite + pearlite structure with hardness of 156 ~ 207HB can be obtained. It is pointed out in the literature that 20CrMoH steel has stable smelting process, narrower hardenability band and easier control.


Compared with 20CrMnTi steel gear, 20CrMoH steel has smaller heat treatment distortion. The penetration layer has good and stable hardenability; Metallographic structure, surface and core hardness after carburizing and quenching can well meet the technical requirements; Good fatigue performance, suitable for small and medium modulus gears of automobile. Considering the service conditions of the gear, the fatigue life of the gear can be guaranteed and the heat treatment distortion of the gear can be reduced. When it is used to manufacture transmission gear, it should be J9=30 ~ 36HRC, and when it is used to manufacture rear axle gear, it should be J9=37 ~ 42HRC.


Localization of steel for gear

With the introduction of foreign advanced models, the localization of all kinds of gear steel makes our gear steel level on a new level. Cr-mn steel of Germany, CR-Mo steel of Japan, and SAE86 steel of the United States meet the requirements of small and medium modulus gear steel. SAE8822H steel is used in some domestic truck gears, such as 8T and 10T bridge bevel gears. The main chemical composition (mass fraction, %) of this steel is 0.19-0.25C, 0.70-1.05Mn, 0.15-0.35Si, 0.35-0.75Ni. 0.35 ~ 0.65Cr, 0.30 ~ 0.40Mo.


It is believed that controlling hardenability is the key to solve the problem of gear distortion. H steel with Jominy hardenability bandwidth below 4HRC should be selected to reduce distortion. After heat treatment, the precision (contact area) of gear made of H steel is 70% ~ 80% higher than that of ordinary steel, and its service life is prolonged. Therefore, the industrial developed countries have stipulated the hardenability band of carburizing alloy structural steel. Limit the hardenability band to a very narrow range (4 ~ 5HRC) as required. 1) When ordering in Germany, steel hardenability can be required to be within a given range, or steel with reduced hardenability can be required.


17CrNiM06 is very suitable for manufacturing large modulus heavy load automobile gear. The main chemical composition (mass fraction, %) of the steel is 0.15 ~ 0.20C, 0.40 ~ 0.60Mn, 1.50 ~ 1.80Cr, 0.25 ~ 0.35Mo, 1.40 ~ 1.70Ni.


This steel has been produced and used in our country. Literature thought, in the 17th crnim06 steel gear carburizing process, while decrease the late carburizing carbon potential to speed up the cooling speed after carburizing, air cooled by air cooling instead, prevent the formation of large pieces of carbide, and high temperature tempering at 630 cc, carbide alloy as part of precipitation, so that in the 820 ℃ secondary heating hardened to reduce residual austenite volume, Finally, a better metallographic structure is obtained. 2) Austrian "Styer" heavy duty automobile factory requires hardenability bandwidth of 7HRC. 3) The transmission gear and rear axle gear of Japanese medium and heavy trucks, such as "Hino" KB222 type 9T truck and "Nissan" CKL20DD type 8T truck, are widely used in CR-Mo steel, such as SCM420H and SCM822H steel, equivalent to 20CrMnMoH and 22CrMoH steel made in China.

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