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The development of science has a great impact on cold extrusion technology

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The development of science has a great impact on cold extrusion technology
Latest company news about The development of science has a great impact on cold extrusion technology

Jiangsu eagle machinery co., LTD technology research and development team has been committed to the cold warm precision molding technology and studying of compound extrusion process, the independent research and development of all kinds of complex dysplasia forgings, design, manufacture and so on has accumulated rich experience, has developed the fine forging covers aviation manufacturing, high-speed rail transportation, military machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, automobile, petroleum, Chemical, electric power and other fields. It mainly focuses on the design and development of non-ferrous metals and complex special-shaped fine forgings under the light manufacturing background of automobile, high-speed rail and aircraft.


At present, our country has been able to lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and their alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, tool steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel and other metals for cold extrusion, and even bearing steel, high carbon high aluminum alloy tool steel, high-speed steel can also carry out a certain amount of deformation of cold extrusion. The cold extruded parts manufactured are of various sizes, weighing up to 30 kilograms and weighing only 1 gram. In the use of mold materials, in addition to the use of high speed steel, bearing steel, high carbon and high chromium alloy tool steel, but also used a lot of new die steel such as CG2, 65Nb, LD. Optimization design and computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) were initially adopted in the selection of extrusion process parameters and die structure design, which made the die structure more reasonable and extrusion process parameters closer to the reality. In terms of extrusion equipment, China has the ability to design and manufacture various tonnage extrusion presses. In addition to general mechanical press, hydraulic press and cold extrusion press, friction press and high speed and high energy equipment are successfully used for cold extrusion production.


The development of science has a great impact on cold extrusion technology. Specifically, the application of computer in process analysis, mold design, manufacturing and process control has an impact on cold extrusion technology. Our country will further develop and apply this new technology. The development of cold extrusion technology should mainly start from the following aspects:


1. Expand the application scope of cold extrusion technology, and gradually replace casting, forging, deep drawing and cutting in a certain range;


2. Improve the precision and surface quality of cold extrusion parts, and produce parts with more complex geometry;


3. Expand the types of raw materials used for cold extrusion, and study more ideal surface treatment and lubrication methods;


4. Further use OF CAD/CAM and optimization design, improve and speed up mold design and manufacturing, develop a more reasonable mold structure;


5. Looking for mold materials and heat treatment methods more suitable for cold extrusion to prolong the service life of the mold;


6. Further develop the research and application of new technology such as warm extrusion, isothermal extrusion, hydrostatic extrusion and high-speed extrusion;


7. Develop a multi-functional cold extrusion machine suitable for cold extrusion, so that the blank and parts can be safely and automatically feed and out, in order to further improve productivity.

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